Privacy Policy

Ascore Prep, Ascore Test Prep, and (the “Site”) are the property of Ascore Prep (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. (“Ascore”).

  1. Purpose and scope
    1. Ascore understands the importance of and is committed to maintaining your privacy. This policy details which information is collected from you on the Site, how it may be used or disclosed, and what rights and choices you have regarding its use. We request that you read, fully understand, and agree in full to this policy before using the Site. As detailed in our terms of service, your usage in any way of the Site constitutes your acceptance of this policy and the terms of service.
  2. Updates to this policy
    1. Ascore may update this policy from time to time. Any such updates will be posted on the Site in the form of an updated privacy policy.
    2. This policy was created on November 6, 2017.
    3. This policy was last updated on November 1, 2020.
  3. Information collected
    1. Personally identifiable information
      1. Lists and forms
        1. We collect the information that you voluntarily provide to us: name, email, phone number, and address. Our servers may record your IP address. The content of any messages you send us may contain personally identifiable information (for example, if you sign off with your name on a message).
      1. Payment
        1. We accept payments through third party service providers like PayPal (online payment systems and gateways) and banks (direct bank transfers). We do NOT have access to your credit/debit card number, expiry date, and security code. Information we might collect is limited to your billing name, billing address and contact information, payment method, and transaction IDs.
      1. Cookies
        1. Cookies are not necessary to use the Site, but some cookies may be set on your computer to enable features such as login (session and user authentication), member services, user preferences etc. Such cookies are used to deliver services requested by you. Your browser may allow you to refuse cookies or inform you before allowing cookies to be placed on your computer. Please note that disabling cookies may lead to reduced functionality in the usage of the Site.
    2. Non-personally identifiable information
      1. Website analytics and cookies
        1. We may use tools like Google Analytics and cookies that collect anonymous traffic data and that do not contain personal details to collect information about how the Site is being used by visitors. Your browser may allow you to refuse cookies or inform you before allowing cookies to be placed on your computer.
    3. Usage of information collected
      1. To fulfill the purchase by you of any our products or services
      2. To send you communication (such as newsletters, surveys, contests, and promotional messages about our own products and services) if such communication has been requested by you or to send you communication related to your account or a purchase you made
      3. To respond to queries sent to us by you
      4. To publish content like comments, blogs, and testimonials that you have sent to us. Such content may be publicly visible.
      5. To analyze Site usage patterns and visitor interests to provide or improve our products and services
      6. We may share information with any successor to all or part of our business.
      7. To comply with legal and regulatory requirements
      8. To maintain a record of our transactions and communications
      9. As otherwise necessary or useful for our business to the extent permitted by law
    4. Disclosure of information collected
      1. We may share your information with our partners and service providers, including, but not limited to, hosting, payment, and shipping companies, for the delivery of our products and services, for the fulfillment of your purchases of our products and services, and to make possible your usage of our services.
      2. We may share your information with governments, government agencies, or legal institutions if requested or legally compelled to do so.
      3. We may share your information to protect ourselves and our users against fraud, threats, abuse, or attack or to stop or mitigate the consequences of any activity we believe is or could be illegal, unethical, or damaging to us or other users of the Site.
      4. Except as detailed above, we will not sell, transfer, rent, or trade your information to a third party.
  4. Transfer of data across geographical regions
    1. Your information may be transferred to, stored, processed, and accessed in countries other than those from which you accessed the Site.
  5. Third party websites
    1. The Site may contain links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the content or policies of such websites.
  6. Marketing to minors
    1. The Site is aimed at those looking to pursue graduate level programs and we do not knowingly market to or collect information from minors.
  7. Security
    1. We ensure that security measures like firewalls and anti-virus software are in place to protect your information. Protection on the Internet, however, cannot be guaranteed.
  8. Opt-out and removal of information and content
    1. You may opt out of any communication from us at any stage by sending a clear opt-out request in English to Please note that this clause does not apply to communication that is necessary for transactional or legal purposes.
    2. You may request removal of your personal information by sending a clear request in English to Please note that this clause does not apply to information that is necessary for transactional, regulatory, compliance, or legal purposes.
    3. Please note that any content you have posted publicly on the Site or authorized for posting publicly on the site cannot be removed at your request.
  9. Grievances or concerns
    1. If you have any concerns about this policy or the usage of your information on the Site, please contact us at