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GMAT OG 2018: A quick overview

The OG 2018 question distribution is out, and it seems that the GMAC has released 122 new Quant and Verbal questions (~15% new content). As usual, this means that they have also taken 122 (of the existing) questions out. Although we'll need to wait a bit to see all the new questions, we have the following information:

* Note: for all charts, green dots represent new questions and red dots represent questions that have been dropped. The X-axis represents the order of questions, and the Y-axis is meant to represent level of difficulty (OG questions are ordered by difficulty). The GMAC says that the classification is broad (think easy/medium/hard), so don't assume that the questions on the extreme right are the toughest the GMAT has to offer!

Problem Solving: 35 new questions (out of 230)

Data Sufficiency: 26 new questions (out of 174)

Reading Comprehension: 21 new questions (out of 139)

Critical Reasoning: 19 new questions (out of 124)

Sentence Correction: 21 new questions (out of 140)

From these charts, it does look like the GMAC has front-loaded the new questions, at least in Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. But don't let that keep you from using these new questions: all OG questions are retired, but actual, GMAT questions! We'll be analyzing the new questions for any patterns and changes. All the best for your preparation!

(Originally published on May 17, 2017)


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